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Access to Torzon Market is only possible using the Tor browser or any onion browser.

Torzon Market has been trading since September 12, 2022, and we are proud to have achieved the fastest growth and attention that any new market has ever received. Why does everyone like Torzon darknet so much? Because Torzon from the very first day offered the best experience in the darknet market and continued to work on improvement based on the requirements of those who are most important - our darknet market Torzon users.

Active links to access Torzon Market:

Getting to know Torzon Darknet market

For easier and more convenient use with our Torzon market, we will introduce you to the basic principles of working with Torzon onion.

For Torzon Darknet users:

After you log into Torzon darknet, you will need to come up with a username, a personal phrase, a password and, most importantly, a PIN code that you will not share with anyone! Even users who are not familiar with PGP can get a little familiar with two-factor authentication (2FA) here! Unlike Amazon and the poor security practices demonstrated by many clearnet trading sites, Torzon market does not monitor you, and you can count on us to protect your privacy and security!

For Torzon Onion vendors:

Torzon market can import statistics from other markets so that customers can enjoy the most secure purchases, checking which suppliers on Torzon market have the best history and reputation. Our supplier guarantee is $400 for less experienced suppliers who wanted to make Torzon their home.

Search, navigate and prosper. Long live Torzon!

Torzon Market Landing Page

Torzon Market Features

Torzon market Launched: September 12th 2022
Product Listings on Torzon: Over 9,200 and growing daily
Active Torzon Vendors: Over 300 and growing
Cryptocurrencies Accepted: Bitcoin (BTC) and Monero (XMR)
Walletless Pay Available? Yes (available since May 2023)
Vendor Bond on Torzon: $400 (USD) - waivers for established vendors
Security Features on Torzon: PGP 2-FA, PIN (for those without PGP), Login Phrase, EndGame DDOS protection
Raffle on Torzon? Yes! See below for more information

Product categories on Torzon market

Physical product on Torzon shop:

Psychedelics - 2C-B, DMT, LSD, Mushrooms
Stimulants - Cocaine, Crack, Mephedrone, Meth, Speed, Pills
THC - Cannabis, Hashish, Extracts
Counterfeits - Documents, IDs, Money

Digital product on Torzon onion:

Fraud - Cards, Logins
Guides & Tutorials
Security & Hosting
Software & Malware
Torzon Market Vendor

Torzon darknet market FAQ

Here we answer 10 of the most commonly asked questions from users of Torzon market:

1. Which cryptocurrencies are accepted on Torzon?
Bitcoin (BTC) and Monero (XMR), However we recommend XMR as BTC fees are much higher and not as stable.

2. How long does it take for the coins to appear in the wallet market Torzon?
1 confirmation for Bitcoin and 10 confirmations for Monero. However if you use walletless pay (pay at the checkout), you don't need to wait!

3. Are wallet addresses Torzon dynamic?
Yes. Please do not deposit into the same one twice. If you do, you will need to create a support ticket on Torzon onion then we can credit your account manually.

4. Do trades use escrow?
Yes, this is for protection of users. Some trusted vendors have Finalize Early permissions meaning they get paid immediately. !

5. How long before the trade is completed on Torzon?
Up to 14 days. You can extend by up to a week if you need to. If you have an account with us as Basic-Plus+ or Premium, you may extend for a further week. We recommend to finalize once you receive the order and feedback on the experience.

6. What are the fees for selling items?
4% (which makes us lower than many competitor markets).

7. How does the dispute system work?
We recommend contacting the vendor raising a dispute, but you can escalate any open order as a dispute. A shared communication will be opened to allow dialogue between both the buyer and vendor which will be overseen by a moderator. In the event a resolution cannot be agreed upon, the moderator will make the final decision.

8. Can vendors buy products on Torzon?
Not using their vendor account. This is for the security of the vendor. Just create a separate customer account.

9. What is vacation mode?
This means a vendor is away and not trading at the moment, therefore not accepting any new orders.

10. What if I suspect I'm being scammed?
Open a dispute or report the vendor, we will take care of it.

Torzon Product

Account Torzon market Types

As well as basic accounts, Torzon is unique by offering additional features to buyers through subscription account types.

  • 1x daily free raffle ticket.
  • Trust rating so vendors can see you are a trusted buyer Torzon shop.
  • Stealth Mode - With Stealth Mode all product images are made invisible.
  • Extend escrow 2 times - Escrow can be extended 2 times instead of 1 time.

  • Premium:
  • 1x daily free raffle ticket
  • Trust rating so vendors can see you are a trusted buyer Torzon market.
  • Stealth Mode - With Stealth Mode all product images are made invisible.
  • Extend escrow 3 times - Escrow can be extended 3 times instead of 1 time.
  • Messages to Torzon Vendors are displayed at the top to ensure you get priority responses.
  • Orders are displayed at the top of vendor's lists and will therefore be processed first.
  • Private Torzon mirror link (after 5 complete orders)

Raffle System on Torzon darknet

Feeling lucky? Torzon raffle system is a classic lottery! Buy a ticket and try your luck. Basic-Plus and Premium Users also receive one free ticket per day. The pool Torzon is filled up with funds as items are sold, raffle tickets are purchased, and accounts are upgraded. As the Torzon market grows, the prizes will become bigger and bigger. Maybe we'll be making crypto millionaires in the future?

Torzon Raffle